lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

5 movie reviews from 2005

fantastic four:
just saw it last weekend
disappointing in a way
actors are totally un-charismatic except for michael chicklis and the guy that is the human torch.
Only they develop their characters.
Jessica alba is cute, and can be a hottie. but do you actually believe her as a scientist ?
c'mon.... even tom cruise is more credible as a spy than her as a MIT graduate !!.
Anyway movie entretain you, but hardly can be considered as a good movie.
- an error is there and is quite visible did you notice it ?
Since we have this hurricane coming to Monterrey , My company gave us a free day...Good for them - and for us too-. So
I had to stay in home, and then I thought, what can I do. 
Answer : see as much movies as you can.
I saw 5 movies
Travolta, Thurman, Vaughn
Be good John, search for better projects. The first scene in the movie is about how bad the secuels are and why not to accept them.
Man, Travolta should knew when they gave him the script, shouldn't he ?
best part.... whenever Vince Vaughn is on screen
worst part... Uma and John dance.
BLADE TRINITY (or whatever).
Snipes, Biel
Man, I should know if it's a vampyre movie, then... it sucks.
Del toro second part, even in its worst was much more comprehensive than this piece of crap.
Biel 's character...listening to MP3 while killing fangs, who need that!!!!
Almost look like a bad episode from Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place.....hold on !!!. that guy Reynold was also there.. Now I understand.
Worst Part... Seeing Triple H scmoozing with the dog. (What a Faggot !!)
Best Part: When Credits Roll
Wayans Bros.
Coming from wayans brothers I would expect something a little more subersive, so this mild comedy actually doesn't register very deep in my taste. But it kept me entretained and pulled out a couple of really loud laughs from me.
Keep trying guys...
Best part: when Latrell harrases Shawn's character, for a moment i thought he(she)would be in a wheelchair...hehehe,
Worst Part:
The whole concept of two FBI guys disguised as a socialitees. Al leasts Wayanses performance is good.
Is this officially a remake of Tom Cruise's Risky Bussines ???
(ya' know..shy bright guy with hopes of going to university gets involved with a mature young woman from adult entretainment...he gets into School, get rich, and get the girl in the process)
If not, then the writer should sue the producers of this flick.
Anyway, de Mornay and Cruise' scene in the train (while listening to Phill Collins In the air tonight song) is far better than limo scene here.
Movie entretains you, but let me tell you... I missed Cruise scene when he dances to Bob Seger's song and once you miss things like that, well then everybody's is in problem.
Worst Part: Movie's lead guy, he is so plain that he almost disappears on screen. His sidekicks (nerd and perv guy) steal every single scene they share. Also the baddie is more impressive.
Best Part: Cutberth Sexy face. She clearly does not qualify as a porn star in the body dept. ( she would need massive implants to acomplish that) but she is really hot as the girl next door. actually is the only improvement over Risky Bussines.
Lohan, Addams
Once in a while, a movie and intelegent movie about teenagers arrives. Hughes'Sixteen Candles, Heckerlin's Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Clueless. In a minor level American Pie. 
So this time its Mean Girls' turn.
It is extremely well written, well acted, and directed.
Clever at times, tender and most of all (just like all the oter movies I listed) it gives some kind of optimistic message of self acepttance to the audience.
Lohan is of course very appealing and makes me understand why there is so many buzz around her. By the way are those.....real are they implants. Why is she so thin now ????
To bad I did not watch this in a thatre.
Best Part: Analogies between wild kingdom and a high school
Worst Part:Relationship between Meadows and Fey's character could be more developed.

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